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- October 19th 2017
Nike Prague

Cooperation with the largest Nike shop in Southeast Europe.

I am pleased to present some of the designs created for the official Nike franchise in Prague.
My task was to use creative design to attract the attention of tourists, locals, as well as sports clubs, hotels, restaurants and institutions and their representatives and guests. While respecting the visual identity of Nike and Nike Prague, the main role in the design was represented by the image of the shop. The location in the picture is recognizable, every resident of Prague can immediately recognize where the shop is located, that was the goal, so that customers can reach us as easily as possible. With effort and a lot of changes, we came to the final solutions for business cards, loyalty cards, T-shirts, posters, email newsletter, email signature, etc.

  • Date: 2018-2020
  • Task: Design web and printed media
  • Products: Posters, Loyalty Card, Flyers, Business Card, Web and Social Media Content
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